Youngstown Police Department

May 10, 2022

Village of Youngstown Community:

Unfortunately, the village has been experiencing a recent “uptick” in mischievous behavior by a few of   our local juvenile residents.  We recognized that some of this behavior is “kids being kids” and some of this behavior has been criminal that included destruction of both municipal and personal property.  This behavior is unfortunate and cannot be tolerated.

We have added extra police patrols and our Police Chief has been in contact with the Sheriff to have them increase their presence in our community as well.  We have taken steps to address the situation, but we need the community’s help.  Please, if you see something, please say something.  The non-emergency number to public safety dispatch is 716-438-3393.  When you call this number, if we have a patrol working, they will dispatch them immediately to the call.  If we don’t have a patrol working at that time, they will dispatch the closest available car to the call.

Quality of life is an important part of this community, and we strive to maintain a safe and family friendly community.

Thank you,
Raleigh Reynolds

Emergency? Dial 911!

In such a small village, residents and visitors often ask, “What does the police department do?”
In a nutshell, just like every other police department, they operate specifically in the interests of public safety.

Contact Us:
Youngstown Police Department
240 Lockport St
PO Box 168
Youngstown, NY 14174

Office hours vary.

(716) 745-3623
Non-Emergencies only.

Niagara County Sheriff
Non-Emergency Phone:
(716) 438-3394


For more information and current updates of their  successes please visit them on Facebook at the link below.

Village of Youngstown Police

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