Youngstown Police Department

DRAFT Police Reform Collaborative (click here)

Police Reform Draft Public Release instructions:

The Village of Youngstown Police Department welcomes and encourages all Village of Youngstown residents to review and comment on the New York State Police Reform Collaborative DRAFT.  This draft is in compliance with the NYS Governor Cuomo’s Executive Order 203, issued on June 12, 2020.    

HARD COPY: There will be a hard copy available at the Youngstown Police Department at 240 Lockport Street, Youngstown.  Due to restrictions related COVID, an appointment will need to be made with the Police Department to review the hard copy.  The hard copy will not be available to take home.    

Please contact the Youngstown Police Department by telephone, please leave a message and an officer will return the call to set up your appointment. – (716) 745-3623

COMMENTS are encouraged.  A hard copy comment page will be available at the police department or at the Youngstown post office.  Comment page can be returned to the Village of Youngstown Drop Box located at 240 Lockport Street, Youngstown – The Village Center. 

ELECTRONIC COPY: A PDF version is available on the Village of Youngstown website and also a link will be posted on the Village of Youngstown Police Department Facebook page. 

COMMENTS can be emailed to the Police Department at the below email address.               

Police reform comment sheet (click here)

DEADLINE for Comments – MARCH 5th 2021

Emergency? Dial 911!

In such a small village, residents and visitors often ask, “What does the police department do?”
In a nutshell, just like every other police department, they operate specifically in the interests of public safety.

Contact Us:
Youngstown Police Department
240 Lockport St
PO Box 168
Youngstown, NY 14174

Office hours vary.

(716) 745-3623
Non-Emergencies only.

Niagara County Sheriff
Non-Emergency Phone:
(716) 438-3394


For more information and current updates of their  successes please visit them on Facebook at the link below.

Village of Youngstown Police

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