Labor Day Parade


September 14, 2018

Dear Friends,

The 2018 Youngstown Labor Day Parade was a wonderful success. On behalf of the Youngstown Village Board, the Parade Committee and all the parade goers — THANK YOU! Your participation and enthusiasm helped to make this celebration a memorable experience for the whole village.

The judges have awarded trophies participants in the following categories:

Community Organization:
Youngstown Garden Club

Local Pride:
Lakeside Quarter horses

Youngstown Village Diner

Town of Niagara Lions Club

Lewiston Dance Academy

Mayors Award:
Youngstown Party Rockers

Thank you again for helping us celebrate the beauty and spirit of Youngstown and hope that in 2019 you “Save Labor Day for Youngstown.”

Raleigh Reynolds
Mayor, Village of Youngstown

Parade Co-Chair Cathy Pasquantino
Parade Co-Chair Tom Pryce


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