Youngstown is one of those little villages tucked away from much of the rest of the world. For those of you who remember the old TV show Mayberry RFD with Andy Griffith as the sheriff, you will understand when we say our Mayor often  greets people with “Welcome to Mayberry.” It typifies who we are. It is one of those villages where if a child does something wrong, it is likely that his mom knows about it before he gets home. Where people know by name most of the people they pass on the street and if they don’t, they still say hello. Or where if you ask for directions, someone might reply “Well I don’t know, but let’s go over and ask so and so, I’m sure he or she can help” and then actually take you there. Maybe that’s why Youngstown was named “Best Small Village in Western New York” a few years back.

Add to that the spectacular views of the Niagara River, Lake Ontario and Old Fort Niagara and you can see why visitors often say, “You know, I could live here”.




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